Sep 1, 2023

Bright & Sunny Bridal Shower

If there was a color that encapsulated summer, I think it would have to be yellow. Bumble bees, yellow flowers, sunshine, and, of course, lemons! These things all just scream “sunny summer days” to me, but for Courteney, aka “The Future Mrs. Torres”, bright yellow also brought up ideas of the perfect party. Since she’s found her “Main Squeeze”, it only made sense to bring in all the yellow with a lemon themed bridal shower!

Back in May, I had the pleasure of bringing Courteney’s #showergoals to life through the Magnolia Room‘s decorating service. After she dropped off her decor finds and we talked about her ideas, I got to work creating the balloon garlands and tablescapes. Then, when it was time for the shower, Courteney and her crew arrived to a fully decorated venue with no extra stress!

How It Came Together: Food and Focal Points

To create a cohesive look, every detail of the day included the lemon and yellow theme, even the food and beverage items. But of course, the main place for the yellow to shine was in Courteney’s table and backdrop decor. In addition to bright balloon garlands, she also constructed arches out of styrofoam insulation board for the backdrop. (Genius!) After using them to create a focal area, we arranged the balloons and lemon garlands around the arches to complete the look.

How It Came Together: Table Decor

Loads of lemons brought the theme full circle in the table decor, which was complimented by simple woven cloth runners and greenery. (Shout out to these adorable mini lemon trees from Amazon.)

Extra Goodies

And to make it even more fun, shower attendees got to play some wonderful games and take home lemon sugar scrubs as favors! (Made with love by the bride-to-be of course!)

If you want a stress-free decorating experience like Courteney, reach out on our Contact page to start the conversation! I’d love to chat about your ideas! And if you’re digging this “Main Squeeze” Bridal Shower theme, check out our Pinterest board devoted to this theme!