Mar 9, 2021

Birthday Theme Highlight: She's a "Wild One"!

If you’re looking for birthday theme ideas, this one is a great option for any burgeoning wild child, especially a one year old! Of course, you have the obvious alliteration of “Wild ONE” and a one year old’s party, but everyone also knows that one year old’s can definitely be wild! Their personalities are starting to come out in full force at this age and any sleep deprived parent will gladly confirm it’s a wild time!

This birthday theme is also a great option because it can work well for boys or girls. By simply changing the color scheme of your decor, you’re left with the fun theme that’s easy to build around. When putting together this party-scape, we also had some help from Mattie’s mom. She found some amazing pieces online that got us heading in the perfect direction with the overall feel of this birthday party. (I’ll link her finds under the photos below.)

After she dropped these items off, we chose a few elements to base the rest of the decor on and went from there! Looking at the decorations, it was clear that we needed to stick with the pink and green color scheme. There was also a strong jungle theme in the banner and backdrop that we brought into the cake display and table decor. For plates, we went with THESE cute plates covered in green leaves for the main food items. We also got some jungle-esque greenery and florals to use in the table centerpieces and throughout the dessert display.

If you’re interested in using this theme for an upcoming party, we’d love to help you decorate! You can find more info about what services we offer HERE.